Our Team

Our team of tenured professionals is committed to providing you the tools and resources needed to achieve success. Our management team knows the needs our brokers and addresses those needs by providing powerful marketing programs along with technology-based services that are unique to the industry.

Dan Duffy
Chief Executive Officer

As the chief executive officer, Dan Duffy has set the bar high for the real estate industry. In addition to United Country, Dan and his management team launched United Country Auction Services, Enhanced Marketing Solutions and United Real Estate since he took over ownership in 2006. His impressive resume of more than 20 years of experience in senior-level executive positions make him a true pioneer in real estate marketing and technology.

Mike Duffy

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales for numerous well-known brands, Mike Duffy is a true leader in building the brand as United Country’s president. Mike is focused on bring new and added-value services to affiliates across the nation. He is also the seen as the face of United Country, visiting offices and developing close relationships with brokers and agents.

Jason Cole
Chief Financial Officer

For Jason Cole, United Country’s success is in numbers. As the chief financial officer, he oversees all of the audits, company expenses and keeps track of all of our affiliates’ financial success. Jason brings more than 12 years of finance and accounting experience from corporations like Walmart and Kansas City Southern Railroad.

David Dickey
Chief Technology Officer

As the chief operating and technology officer, David Dickey and his team have developed the highest-ranked real estate internet marketing system with more than three million visitors per month. With years of upper senior management experience in technology, David provides advanced, innovative technology solutions to United Country affiliates.

Mike Jones
President United Real Estate Holdings LLC – Auction Services

As president of United Country Strategic Client Services, Mike Jones oversees all auctions conducted under the special projects division of the United family. Mike has conducted more than 3,000 auctions globally in his 38 years as an auctioneer making him a predominant figure in the auction industry and an asset to the United Country team.

Mark Woodling
Vice President of Strategic Client Services

As a licensed auctioneer and 13 years of experience in real estate auctions, Mark Woodling adds a vast knowledge of real estate valuations and data management to the team. Mark offers specialized auction and marketing services expertise and services to clients across the nation as vice president of United Country – Strategic Client Services.

Shawn Terrel
Executive Vice President

Shawn Terrel brings more than 20 years of professional auction and real estate experience to United Country in his role as executive vice president of United Country Auction Services. Shawn has become a well-known auction authority with more than 2,000 auctions under his belt, both live and online. He is a graduate of Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) and holds an Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate (AARE) designation.

Trina Turner
Executive Assistant

As executive assistant for United Country Auction Services, Trina Turner serves as President Shawn Terrel’s right hand by assisting the auction team with the development, maintenance and marketing of auction tools and resources. Trina uses her 14 years of experience in sales and project management to bring a fresh and unique perspective to auction projects.

Ashley Appino
VP Program Services and Partner Development, United Real Estate Group

Ashley Appino is instrumental in United Country’s growth as the vice president of program services and partner development. With more than a decade of comprehensive affiliate services and event management experience, Ashley seeks out partnership and sponsorship opportunities that will be beneficial to United Country and our affiliates’ success.

Carmen Barnes
Education Manager

As the education manager, Carmen Barnes ensures all of United Country’s educational and training offerings go off without a hitch. Her extensive experience in corporate event planning allows her to flawlessly execute events like UnitedPower!, the Annual Training and Awards Convention, regional training and online training courses.

Donna Chamness
Team Coordinator / On-Boarding Manager

With years of experience as a real estate agent and broker, Donna Foreman is a valuable asset to the program services team as the on-boarding manager. She utilizes her hands-on real estate and quality assurance experience to welcome and assist new affiliates to the United Country family.

Misty Johnson
Program Services Administrator

As a program services administrator, Misty Johnson brings more than a decade of customer service and executive assistant experience to United Country. Misty uses her refined skills in customer care to prepare and maintain client portfolios as well as respond to all client and affiliate inquiries and requests.

Lisa Malick
Director of Program Services

As the director of program services, Lisa Malick is one of the first lines of customer support for new and existing United Country affiliates and an external customer base. Lisa’s extended experience in business operations and technology make her duties of overseeing the onboarding process and providing technical support for franchisee’s come naturally.

Sarah Sutton
Customer Care Professional

As a customer service professional, Sarah provides daily support to prospective clients and franchises around the country. In addition to phone support, she is committed to maintaining a customer database and keeping clean data for all of United Country’s affiliates and clients. Sarah’s Administrative Assistant Certificate and her years of customer service makes her position here second nature.

Mitch Carey
IT Infrastructure Manager

With more than 10 years of IT experience and his VMWare certification, Mitchell Carey is our go-to technology guru. As the IT infrastructure manager, he oversees the data infrastructure for both United and United Country Real Estate.

Josh Williams
Help Desk Administrator

As a helpdesk administrator, Josh Williams provides technical support to all staff and United Country affiliates across the nation. Through his many years of helpdesk experience, Josh is able troubleshoot and problem-solve in many facets including desktop and network support.

Mike Podraza
Assistant Vice President / Interactive Marketing

With more than 25 years of experience in website development and search engine optimization (SEO), Mike Podraza fully understand the needs of United Country affiliates. Mike is instrumental in creating and enhancing United Country’s online presence and turning it into an effective marketing tool. He currently handles more than 3,000 top-performing websites.

Amy Hoffman
Assistant Web Developer

Amy Hoffman’s more than 10 years of administrative and technology experience allow her to provide exceptional customer service and technical support to United Country affiliates. As a web development assistant, Amy builds and maintains office websites, provides listing support and assists with search engine optimization.

Tonja Fellet
Technology Trainer

As the technology trainer, Tonja Fellet is a vital asset to United Country affiliates new and old. With more than 9 years at United Country, Tonja uses her organizational and technology skills to provide technical support, lead company-wide webinars, assist with on-boarding new affiliates and create programs for technology tools.

Nora Sullivan
Technology Trainer

As a national trainer for United Country, Nora Sullivan assists affiliates and employees with technical support, website development and search engine optimization. Her strong background in consulting and project management makes her a valuable asset with brand development and internet visibility.

Patrick Barrett
Corporate Controller

As the corporate controller, Patrick Barrett brings advanced technical accounting skills and a vast knowledge of financial accounting to the United Country team. He also uses his experience in staff management to oversee the accounting teams for both United Country and United Real Estate.

Tyler Davidson
Staff Accountant

As a senior staff accountant, Tyler Davidson utilizes his education and experience in accounting to analyze financial reports for United Country and United Real Estate. Tyler is well-rounded in the financial realm, performing accounts receivable duties and general accounting functions for the company.

Ashly Frenzl
Senior Accountant

Ashly Frenzl brings an extensive background in public accounting experience to the United Country team as the senior staff accountant. As a licensed CPA, Ashly assists the chief financial officer and controller with financial statement preparation and reporting while also working with franchise offices to ensure they are in compliance as well as assisting with pending and closed sales.

Hillary Lewis
Staff Accountant

As a staff accountant, Hillary Lewis assists with various accounting-related tasks for United Country. Her education and experience have made processing sales and incoming royalties come second nature. She is also a valuable resource for any affiliates who have accounting-related questions.

Julie Pearce
Accounts Payable Specialist

As an accounts payable professional, Julie Pearce uses her many years of experience in accounting to keep track of and pay all of United Country’s vendor and home office expenses. Julie’s education and accounting background has made her a valuable asset to United Country’s accounting team for more than a decade.

Jessica Barnard
Director of Legal Affairs & Contracts Administration United Real Estate Group

As the director of legal affairs and contracts administration, Jessica Barnard is United Country’s go-to legal guru. A nine-year U.S. Navy veteran, Jessica brings a wealth of experience in a plethora of areas including criminal law, environmental law, intellectual property and corporate governance. She is also currently working toward her Juris Doctor (J.D.).

Linda Richardson
Administrative Assistant / Legal Department

Linda Richardson has spent more than 30 years keeping United Country on the legal straight and narrow as the administrative assistant for the legal department. In her role, Linda works directly with the outside franchise attorney to prepare franchise agreements, contract changes and updates to franchise disclosure documents.

Lauren Aleshire
Marketing Director

As the marketing director, Lauren Aleshire leads a team of tenured marketing professionals in developing innovative marketing programs and tools to drive organizational and office growth. With a strong background in marketing, Lauren brings outside-the-box thinking and leadership to take United Country to the next level.

Kay Davis
Advertising Manager Media Specialist

With more than 40 years at the company, Kay Davis knows the best way to showcase United Country as the advertising manager. Whether it’s placing ads in national magazines and newspapers or working with the design team on the catalog, Kay is top-notch when it comes to maximizing our exposure.

Ashley Duffy
Marketing Brand Manager

As the senior brand manager, Ashley Duffy is skilled in a wide range of disciplines with a focus on creating straightforward marketing material. With over eight years of experience, she has excelled in multiple management positions and is currently developing large lifestyle campaigns for all of United Country’s clients, as well as strengthening our national brand recognition.

Michele Frisby
Senior Creative Director

As the senior creative director, Michele oversees all corporate branding while managing a team of graphic designers, copywriters and content editors. The longevity of Michele’s career with United Country has enabled her to develop specific real estate marketing skills that are directly attributed to the success of the affiliates.

Jihan Blue
Associate Art Director

Jihan Blue brings more than a decade of experience with design concepts, advertising and branding for local and national campaigns to United Country as the art director. Jihan works closely with the creative team to produce new and innovative ways to enhance the overall look and style of all marketing materials for United Country and our affiliates nationwide.

Julie Stockton
Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Julie Stockton uses her creative talent to assist with catalog design, logos, ads and other collateral pieces for United Country. Her background in package design and visual merchandise make her a valuable asset to the marketing team.

Rachel Neuland
Marketing & Advertising Specialist

With an imaginative and entrepreneurial spirit, Rachel Neuland brings a fresh perspective and critical mindset to marketing and advertising at United Country. As a Marketing and Advertising Specialist, Rachel’s broad background in branding, art direction and graphic design allow her to come up with creative ways to of gaining media exposure for United Country’s affiliates.

Nick McGrath
Marketing Assistant

Nick McGrath brings a fresh perspective on content marketing as a marketing assistant for United Country. Nick utilizes his experience in direct sales and digital marketing to assist our production and design team with the United Country catalog and external advertising.

Mike Farren
Managing Copywriter

As the managing copywriter for United Country, Mike Farren oversees all copywriting for catalogs, websites, marketing materials and other corporate advertising. His more than 10 years of experience in marketing and social media make him a valuable asset to the United Country marketing team.

SJ Munoz

As a copywriter for United Country, SJ Munoz uses his creativity to write copy for all of our marketing publications. SJ uses his experience in marketing, promotions and news reporting to strategically place keywords for online SEO content, fine-tune email blasts and showcase properties in our United Country catalog.

Angela Smith
Public Relation & Social Media Manager

In her role as public relations and social media manager, Angela Smith utilizes her 10 years of experience in public relations and media to assist in the promotion and positioning of the United Country brand. She also has a passion for assisting United Country affiliates in building their brand and bringing awareness to their local communities through news releases and social media marketing.

Amanda Siler-Cline
Director Of EMS

As Vice-President of United Country’s Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS), Amanda Siler leads an award-winning real estate marketing team to drive operational and growth strategies. Amanda aims to provide big-picture perspective to client projects while engaging in company partners and United Country affiliates. She brings an extensive marketing background and outside-the-box thinking to the EMS team.

Jill Vaughn
Senior Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Jill Vaughn has passion for serving her clients as senior manager for Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS). Jill’s background and education gives her a strategic advantage in developing marketing campaigns and taking United Country affiliates’ projects to the next level.

Jessica McArthur
Project Manager

As a project manager for Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS), Jessica McArthur provides United Country affiliates across the nation with advanced marketing strategies to help build and brand their businesses. Her excellent communication skills, ability to multi-task and her experience in project management and event coordination proves her to be a tremendous asset to the team.

Jessie Henderson
Project Manager

Jessie Henderson’s strong background in media planning and account management makes her a perfect fit in her role as a project manager for the Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS) team at United Country. In her role, Jessie showcases her positive attitude and dedication to plan and execute fully integrated marketing campaigns for United Country offices.

Nick Teson
Project Coordinator

Nick Teson’s commitment to detail and innovative thinking skills add great value to his role as a project manager for Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS). Nick’s background in content marketing, project management and concept development allow him to deliver United Country affiliates with a fresh perspective to projects and an effective solution to any problem.

Corinne Bort
Project Coordinator

Corinne Bort’s experience in business planning, event management and social media marketing make her an asset as a project coordinator for Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS). With a history of working with local startup companies, Corinne knows that putting the customer first always leads to success and uses this attitude to assist United Country affiliates across the nation.

Andrew Park
Project Coordinator

Andrew Park brings his experience in customer care and client relations to the Enhanced Marketing Solutions team as a project coordinator. Andrew works closely with the project managers and graphic designers to ensure affiliate projects are completed in a timely manner and to the client’s satisfaction.

Angela Searcy
Creative Director

With more than 15 years of experience in graphic design, Angela Searcy leads the Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS) creative design team. Angela’s expertise allows her to develop high-impact designs at a fast pace. Her award-winning work has provided creative solutions with proven results to hundreds of United Country affiliates across the U.S.

Amber Williams
Graphic Designer

Amber Williams’ passion for communication through design shines through in her position as graphic designer. She uses her project management skillset in a variety of areas to excel in the vast array of design projects she completes for the Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS) team. Amber has received numerous awards recognizing her innovative designs.

Richard Thompson
National Executive Vice President of Sales

As the executive vice president of sales, Richard Thompson actively recruits, trains and manages the franchise sales team by creating and executing strategic sales plans. Richard brings decades of real estate-specific and sales experience to United Country as a prior real estate office owner and sales associate. He has also completed more than 1,000 hours of real estate coursework.

Amber Glus
National Director of Sales Marketing

As the national director of sales marketing, Amber Glus utilizes her skills in communication and project management to recruit new franchise affiliates and agents. Amber’s talent in creative processing and developing workflow programs allow her to market to unique audiences and coordinate day-to-day operations with the national sales team.

Doug Adams
Director of International Development & Senior Sales Manager Western Division

As the director of international business, Doug Adams strives to develop the United Country brand in markets outside of the United States. Doug’s more than 14 years of real estate experience and various roles in senior management make him instrumental in the growth of our international presence.

Bill Baker
Regional Director Virginia & North Carolina

As a regional vice president in sales, Bill Baker has been described by United Country affiliates as a big guy with a big personality who does even bigger work. Not only does Bill own his own United Country office in Virginia, he is also responsible for selling and developing new franchises.

Rich Cloutman
Regional Director

As the regional director of the northern California region, Rich Cloutman assists new and existing offices build business plans, amp up their marketing and troubleshoot overall business solutions. Utilizing his skills and experience as an owner/broker of his own office, Rich is able help affiliates increase sales by providing the right tools for success.

Jimmie Dean Coffey
Director of Business Development / Area Vice President, Indiana

Jimmie Dean Coffey brings more than 30 years of auction and real estate experience to United Country as the director of business development. Conducting more than 75 auctions each year, Jimmie Dean has become a well-known name in the auction industry nationwide. His experience and impact makes him successful at acquiring new franchise owners.

Angie Gallaher
Regional Vice President – Arkansas

As a regional vice president, Angie Gallaher assists in maximizing growth of offices while providing technology support and selling franchises. Angie is an owner/broker of her own office in Imboden, Ark., and continuously ranks among the top offices in the nation in sales volume and innovative marketing strategies.

Jim Jones
Area Vice President Midwest

As a tenured agricultural marketing professional, Jim Jones brings decades of experience to United Country as a new area vice president. He works in the states of Kentucky, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin to identify new offices and talented agents and auctioneers.

Doreen Letson
Senior Sales Manager, Western Division

With more than 14 years of real estate experience, Doreen Letson is able to assist prospective brokerages build their businesses and accomplish their goals as the senior sales manager in the western division. Doreen is the successful owner of three United Country franchises in Colorado and has received numerous awards for exemplary performance in sales.

Jim O’Connor
Regional Director of North Missouri Region

Jim O’Connor has been an owner/broker for United Country for more than 40 years. As the regional director for the north Missouri region for more than 20 years, Jim uses his vast real estate knowledge to guide new and existing affiliates to success.

John O’ Connor
State Director Northern Missouri

Dave Rose
Senior Sales Manager, Central Division

Dave Rose brings more than 12 years of real estate experience to United Country as a senior sales manager in the central division. As the current owner of three successful United Country franchises in Kansas, Dave is able to showcase the benefits of franchise ownership firsthand to interested buyers.

Darrel Tetz
Director over Eastern Washington

Darel Tetz brings years of financial management and sales experience to the United Country team as a Regional Director in Washington. He develops the Eastern Washington area through the sale of new franchises while also running his own United Country office in Walla Walla, WA.

Ross Busch
Area Vice President of Sales

Ross Busch brings decades of real estate marketing experience to the national sales team. His history of success and passion for non-urban real estate makes him a great fit to United Country. He will focus on recruiting franchise offices, agents and auctioneers in Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

Travis Wofford
Director New Market Development

Travis Wofford brings a strong knowledge and expertise in ranches, hunting property, land and proven business strategy to the national sales team. He will play a critical role in increasing the United Country footprint by identifying qualified franchise offices, agents and auctioneers in Texas, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Melissa Clark
Business Consultant

As a broker and owner herself, Melissa Clark is able to guide new affiliates to success by offering first-hand experience of the ins and outs of running a United Country office. As a business consultant, Melissa covers 14 states in the western United States and is an expert in mountain, vacation, golf and ranch real estate.

Joe Karpinski
Senior Business Consultant

Joe Karpinski’s nearly 40 years of real estate experience makes him a valuable asset to the United Country national sales team. As a senior business consultant and executive vice president of the eastern division, Joe has experienced exponential growth in real estate sales, affiliate gross commission income and franchise sales.

Duane Swenk
Senior Business Consultant

As a senior business consultant, Duane Swenk is vital to the success and growth of United Country affiliates. As the current owner of a top-ten office, Duane is able to also provide guidance and information as an instructor at UnitedPower!, a week-long training program for new brokers and agents.

Kim Vallandingham
Business Consultant / Franchise Compliance Manager Western Division

As a business consultant, Kimberly Vallandingham paves a pathway for success by providing consulting services and tools to new and existing offices. With many years of real estate and finance experience, Kimberly brainstorms with affiliates to find new and innovative ways to reach and stay on top by effectively utilizing marketing and innovative technology.